Testimonial From One of Our Premium Members



January 2017

Dear OffshoreReviews.com,


Your website has helped our bottom line tremendously since we became members. Thank you!



1. Potential clients have become actual clients after seeing our reviews. We know this because this has been communicated directly to us.

2. Our website contains the membership logo (our emails also include a text link). Through our tracking, we know that over 1000 prospects have clicked through to our reviews.

3. On the phone, our salespeople have been able to use our reviews as client references.  

4. We have received leads directly from Offshore Reviews.

5. In Google our page on Offshore Reviews comes up near the top of the first page when searching for our name and the word “reviews”. That is incredibly beneficial - prospects interested in our services will see and find our good reviews quickly.

6. Many of our clients have left reviews – which will help us for a long time to come. Here is part of a most recent review

“Harbor Financial Services has many offshore services. They are professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them should you need any offshore service.”


Again, thank you. Our membership, even for just a few months, has returned significant dividends.



Harbor Financial Services
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