850 CryptoCurrency Businesses and Counting!!

850 CryptoCurrency Businesses and Counting!!

In our experience, many people who are interested in offshore financial subjects are also interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.  So we thought we would pass along the most recent blog post from our 2nd review website, CryptoReviews.  Enjoy!  


December 28, 2017 

CryptoReviews.biz is pleased to announce that as today we have more than 850 Cryptocurrency businesses across 75 countries listed on our website. We are continuing to research and look for additional Cryptocurrency businesses around the globe. If you know of a crypto business that is not listed on our website please suggest them.  

In our research we found some fun and surprising facts about Cryptocurrency companies that we thought our readers would enjoy!

  • Predictably, the USA has the highest concentration of Bitcoin companies (256). 

  • But surprisingly, the United Kingdom, which has 1/5 the population of the USA, has almost as many Bitcoin companies (221) as the USA does!

  • In 3rd Place is Canada with 41 Bitcoin companies (the management of CryptoReviews believes this number will rise exponentially when hockey sticks can be purchased with Bitcoin).  

  • There are as many Bitcoin escrow companies in Lithuania as there are in Australia!

  • 5 countries in The Caribbean - Antigua, Costa Rica, Curacao, Nevis and Belize (ok, Belize is technically Central America, but close enough) - are home to online Bitcoin gambling.  

  • 24 countries in Europe have Bitcoin Exchanges! 

  • The Netherlands has more Bitcoin businesses (15) than any other country in Continental Europe.

  • The Netherlands and Denmark have more Bitcoin companies (27 total) than the rest of the countries in Continental Europe, COMBINED!



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