Announcing the Launch of!

Announcing the Launch of! launched in February 2016 and has become the preeminent website for consumers to read client reviews of offshore businesses. Our vision in launching OffshoreReviews was to bring openness and transparency to the offshore financial industry and to, for the first time ever, provide a means for consumers to find and work with the best offshore firms.


The impetus behind OffshoreReviews was that consumers had very little hard information about the thousands of businesses in the offshore arena. And not only are there thousands of businesses, but those businesses are scattered over dozens of countries from Belize to Hong Kong and many places in between. Thus, consumers looking to set up offshore bank accounts or form offshore companies confronted a confusing myriad of choices with virtually no dependable information or reviews to assist them in choosing a reputable offshore service provider. OffshoreReviews was established to overcome this problem.


Recently, interest in Cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, has skyrocketed. Cryptocurrencies, despite their almost unbelievable volatility, no longer only exist on the margins of the Internet but are becoming mainstream. Swiss banks and major futures and options exchanges have begun assisting clients with holding Bitcoin directly and trading Bitcoin like any other mainstream commodity. However, just as in the offshore industry, consumers interested in bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have a seemingly endless amount of businesses to choose from. To make matters worse, virtually all of the businesses a consumer might choose to utilize have the word “bit”, “crypto” or “coin” in their names, thus making the choice even more confusing! Furthermore, many Bitcoin oriented businesses don’t even display contact information on their websites.


Given these things, we saw the need to launch a review website specifically targeting the Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin industry. We aim to, for the first time, create a review website specifically for the Cryptocurrency industry that will assist consumers in choosing solid, reputable businesses to deal with – regardless of what kind of Cryptocurrency services they are looking for.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our second review website,! CryptoReviews will help consumers around the world make intelligent and informed decisions about what Cryptocurrency businesses to patronize. As of our launch date we have over 500 Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin service providers listed across 50 countries that provide services such as Bitcoin wallets, merchant services, trading and exchange, escrow services, mining and gambling.



We actively encourage reviews from clients of Cryptocurrency businesses. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences with the world. Be it a positive or negative review, it belongs on CryptoReviews. Negative reviews can save potential clients from a bad experience. Good reviews pave the way for new clients to choose with confidence. 

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