The four most important steps everyone should consider taking

The four most important steps everyone should consider taking

April 10, 2017


Over the past few weeks I’ve been telling you about the the incredible benefits you can derive when you implement a few simple, no-brainer strategies.  

We also had an incredible offer on our flagship international diversification service, Sovereign Man: Confidential.

But if you weren’t quite ready to jump into this with both feet and invest $695, perhaps $95 would be more to your liking. More on that below.  

Here are the four most important steps everyone should consider taking.

Step #1: Get some physical cash

This is is one of the most critical strategies for your Plan B-- and also one of the easiest to implement.

If something happens in the banking system, and all of your money is trapped in the bank, your savings effectively become worthless.

With current interest rates nearing zero, you are not going to be worse off for having some physical cash.

To ensure you are protected, take out and store at least two months’ of expenses in physical cash, as a crucial hedge against emergency situations.  

There is almost no cost to doing this, and it is a complete no-brainer given the state most western banking systems are in.

Step #2: Protect a portion of your savings in a strong, well-capitalized foreign bank

As you probably already know, most major banks in the US and across Europe are poorly capitalized. In most cases, they hold less than 3% of customer deposits in cash.

That means if just 3% of customers went to the bank and withdrew their funds, these banks would have to start fire-selling assets in order to stay solvent.

It’s clear that having 100% of your assets in a banking system that is standing on such fragile footing isn’t the safest strategy.  

Consider moving a portion of your savings to a highly liquid, highly solvent, conservative bank in a country that is backed by governments with no debt.

Step #3: Purchase precious metals and make sure you store them offshore

While physical cash and an offshore bank account is a great hedge against short-term problems in the banking system, keeping precious metals is a long-term hedge against more serious, systemic challenges in the monetary system.

If governments continue printing money to the point of serious inflation (as witnessed in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic), you will own real assets that will protect your purchasing power.

I also strongly encourage you to consider storing your precious metals offshore to protect yourself from con scation, frivolous litigation and social unrest.

Step #4: Get a residency in a foreign country

A legal residency gives you the ability to live and work in a foreign country.

That way, when things go south, you can go north. You can immediately, legally and effectively take yourself and your family out of harm’s way.  

And it can even potentially set you up to obtain a second passport within a few years through naturalization.

These steps are simple and can be implemented at a very low cost, but will drastically increase your freedom and ability to withstand and thrive during crisis.

And if you are not ready for Sovereign Man: Confidential, we have a low-cost, quick-start International Diversification Blueprint that will help you implement these most essential Plan B strategies in no-time.

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This means you can start enjoying the peace of mind of a personal Plan B for less than what you would pay for three coffees per month.

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To your freedom,

Simon Black  

Reprinted with permission 

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