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Open An Offshore Bank Account In Belize


Although Belize is increasingly becoming known as the hottest eco-tourism destination on the planet, you'll also find that this Central American nation provides abundant benefits through its offshore banking institutions, and particularly Caye Bank. This international bank provides privacy, stability, and flexibility for anyone looking to diversify and protect wealth. Here are a few benefits you can anticipate when banking with Caye Bank.


For starters, you can open an account with any major currency, and with no exchange controls, you can deposit or withdraw funds at your leisure. In addition, a stable economy and excess reserves help to ensure safety and value when you place your assets in Belize. Caye Bank boasts double the liquidity of required reserves to ensure greater stability.


Setting up accounts with Caye Bank also opens the door to new investment opportunities that may not exist in your home jurisdiction. There are structures that allow you to accumulate income through investments without incurring taxation. In addition, interest rates through Caye Banks are extremely competitive, allowing you to increase earnings, whether you place money in CDs or other investments.


Best of all, it's easy to open accounts with Caye Bank - you don't even need to be present. Once you have provided proper documentation, an account can be opened in as little as about 1 week. The setup cost is $450, and accounts require a minimum balance of $1,000.


From there you'll receive debit and credit cards, you can utilize online banking, and the bank can act on faxed instructions, providing the security and convenience modern offshore banking clients expect.

Submitted by: Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services

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