Set Up a Cayman Islands Offshore Company

Set Up a Cayman Islands Offshore Company


There are many jurisdictions with laws and regulations in place designed to attract offshore corporations and investors. For many years, the Cayman Islands have been considered a premier location for such activities.

In recent years, the Caymans have become an extremely popular locale for midsize to large business interests, especially those involved in licensed financial services such as hedge funds, and it is a prime destination for existing corporations looking to expand their reach to international markets. The Cayman Bank, an international banking subsidiary, boasts over $1 billion (US) in assets, if that says anything about the size of offshore interests operating in the Caymans.

Because of the level of offshore business being conducted in the Cayman Islands, pricing to form offshore trusts and accounts has increased over the past several years, potentially pricing out smaller companies or individuals seeking protection from personal liability. If, for example, you're looking to set up an offshore corporation, trust, or accounts to protect real estate or other assets, the cost for such services in the Caymans may be beyond your budget.

Blame it on the law of supply and demand. With larger corporate interests clamoring to set up International Business Corporations in the Caymans, it's only natural that pricing would reflect the status of the clientele. Anyone interested in forming an offshore company in the Cayman Islands can expect to pay $4,000 initially, as well as $3,000 annually for the privilege. You will receive your Cayman Islands company within 10-12 business days of placing your order. 

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