Cook Islands Trusts

Cook Islands Trusts


The Cook Islands take their name from Captain James Cook, a lauded British explorer and cartographer who had a taste for adventuring through uncharted areas of the world and a reputation for attention to detail and strong leadership ability. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship should aspire to follow in the legendary footsteps of Captain Cook.

That said, you don’t need to travel the globe to get started. You can begin simply enough by forming your offshore company, trusts, and accounts in the jurisdiction named for this remarkable man. Like the good Captain, the Cook Islands offshore services are considered among the best in the world.

Of particular appeal are offshore trusts in the Cook Islands, which offer unmatched benefits for those who set them up. The protections provided make trusts in this jurisdiction virtually unassailable, especially for clients with significant assets. The Cook Islands aren't just selling services - they're offering peace of mind for anyone looking to protect wealth during their lifetime and pass it along to loved ones.

Naturally, offshore companies and accounts are also offered in the Cook Islands at reasonable prices. The cost to form an international business corporation is $1,500, with annual fees of $1,350. Although the Cook Islands require the filing of annual audited accounts for offshore companies operating in their jurisdiction, there is zero tax.

What sets the Cook Islands apart from competitors in the world of offshore services is the fact that they have gone 100% digital. You no longer have to wait for FedEx to deliver proof of incorporation or accounts being set up, making the entire process much more convenient and expedient.

Submitted by: Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services


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