Harbor Financial Services (HFS) Celebrates 10 Years In Business!

For over a decade HFS has helped clients go offshore!

Harbor Financial Services (HFS) Celebrates 10 Years In Business!

For over a decade we have been helping clients protect and keep their hard-earned assets.

Harbor Financial Services was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: To help our clients keep what's theirs.  And for over 10 years we have been doing exactly that.  Here are some of our accomplishments since our founding: 

  • HFS has helped thousands of clients from over 50 countries protect their privacy, keep their savings, real estate, precious metals and investments safe and secure and move their IRA’s and 401K’s offshore. 

  • We have established offshore companies, offshore trusts, offshore bank accounts, offshore investment accounts, offshore precious metals accounts offshore IRA’s and 401k’s and offshore hedge funds in countries such as Belize, The British Virgin Islands, Nevis, The Cooks Islands, The Caymans, Singapore, Switzerland, The Bahamas, Gibraltar, Panama, The Seychelles, St. Vincent and Hong Kong.   

  • Our clients have consistently given us some of the highest reviews of any organization in the offshore company formation and banking industry. 

  • We have streamlined the offshore company and trust formation process by offering paperless orders, reducing delivery times for offshore entities by more than 50%. 

  • By creating holistic, all-inclusive, packaged services, we have made going offshore simple, understandable and affordable.  

We look forward to many more years of serving our clients and providing them with even more tools to regain privacy, protect their assets and sleep easier at night knowing that they will be able to protect and keep what's theirs. 

A message from our founder, Sam Hall: "When I first learned about offshore banking almost 25 years ago, I was completely intrigued, and that began a lifelong passion for helping clients take advantage of everything the offshore world has to offer.  I founded Harbor specifically to help clients use offshore services to protect themselves and their life's savings. 10 years later in 2020, the need for financial protection and security is more urgent than ever.  I am extremely happy that we can help bring some peace of mind to our clients even in the most difficult times."

Harbor Financial Services (HFS)
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