Hong Kong Offshore Corporations

Hong Kong Offshore Corporations


No jurisdiction epitomizes the spread of the global economy more than Hong Kong, which acts as a corporate and financial bridge between eastern and western communities. For western business interests looking to expand into eastern markets, Hong Kong is an ideal place to form offshore companies and accounts.

Globalization is a reality, thanks to advances in travel and telecommunications, and the global economy reflects this trend. More and more business is being conducted on an international scale, and companies small and large want to take advantage of growing opportunities to enter new markets. Hong Kong is the gateway to western trade in China, so it's only natural that American, European, and other business interests would start there when setting up offshore branches of their companies.

There are several advantages to be gained in the process, starting with the ability to create business accounts and generally conduct business operations throughout Asia. The process of forming an offshore international business corporation in Hong Kong is simple, requiring little more than ID and a short questionnaire to get started.

Form an offshore corporation in Hong Kong 

In addition, pricing to start is modest, with a fee of just $1,600 (US) to set up an offshore company. Annual fees are slightly higher than you might expect, at around $1,800 per year, but this has to do with filing appropriate paperwork to maintain tax exemptions, which is most easily accomplished by a knowledgeable agent working in the jurisdiction. A Hong Kong company can be set up in 10-12 business days.

If you're interested in doing business anywhere in the Far East, forming an offshore company and setting up accounts in Hong Kong is the best place to start.

Submitted by: Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services

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