Forming an Offshore Company or LLC in Nevis

Forming an Offshore Company or LLC in Nevis


With so many attractive options when it comes to forming an offshore company, trust, or accounts, it can be difficult to choose the best location. It is for this reason that certain locales specialize, in a way, through the litigation and regulations enacted to protect offshore clients.

The Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis, composed of neighboring islands St. Kitts and Nevis, has fashioned itself as an ideal location to form an offshore IBC (International Business Corporation) or LLC (Limited Liability Company), as well as offshore trusts. Their protections for business interests and trusts make it extremely difficult and unappealing to launch frivolous lawsuits in pursuit of business or personal assets.

Offshore clients are clearly favored, thanks to laws that require anyone filing a lawsuit against an offshore company or trust within the jurisdiction to post a $100,000 bond. This might not stop someone with a legitimate claim for a much larger sum from proceeding, but it certainly puts the kibosh on frivolous litigation that is unlikely to succeed.

Anyone interested in protecting their personal or business assets from unwarranted outside claims or liability will find ample reason to choose Nevis. In addition to legislation intended to halt frivolous lawsuits, Nevis also has strong privacy laws in place, including significant penalties for breaches of confidentiality.

The rates to form offshore companies are extremely reasonable, with a set-up fee of $1,350 (US) and annual maintenance costs at around $1,000. Plus, it only takes about 4-5 business days to receive your Nevis company once you've placed your order. Order a Nevis IBC or LLC directly at

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