Complete Offshore Banking Packages

Harbor Financial Services Complete Offshore Banking Package

Complete Offshore Package #1

Moving some or all of your finances offshore need not be complicated or expensive. With our primary offshore package, you can set up offshore accounts and protect your money with minimal input and little expense. We have streamlined and simplified the process to make it as easy as possible.

In as little as 10-12 business days, you could have your offshore corporation and trust in place as well as an offshore address with mail forwarding service.  Shortly after, two offshore accounts (offshore bank accounts, offshore brokerage accounts or offshore precious metals accounts and two accounts) will be set up as well. All fees are included in our single, discounted rate, so you don't have to worry about hidden costs eating into your hard-earned savings.

If convenience, discretion, security, simplicity, and savings all sound appealing when it comes to setting up your offshore accounts, our primary complete offshore package delivers on every level, providing you with the privacy and protection you need to secure a solid financial future.

Complete Offshore Package #2

Offshore Package #2 is a step up from our primary plan. It includes all of the same desirable features, including the formation of an offshore corporation, an offshore trust, and two offshore accounts, as well as one year of mail forwarding service, all at one low rate with no hidden fees.

What you gain with this upgraded package is speed. Instead of waiting 10-12 business days for complete setup, the process is expedited, completing your transaction in less than half the time - just 4-5 business days. If you're eager to protect your financial assets, this package ensures speedy delivery.

Submitted by Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services 

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