Forming an offshore company in the BVI

Forming an offshore company in the BVI


For anyone interested in protection from personal liability, there is no better place in the world to set up an offshore company and accounts than the British Virgin Islands, or BVI. Whether you're looking to manage hedge funds or create captive insurance companies or you're interested in registering vehicles and titles to real estate around the world, the BVI has a long-standing reputation for privacy and integrity, and it is one of the most popular locales in which to form an offshore company.

What makes the BVI such a desirable location for this purpose? For starters, this jurisdiction has stringent confidentiality laws in place, including serious penalties for breaches of confidence. Protecting your privacy is important, and the BVI is legally structured to provide this service for offshore companies. A strong track record of protecting business interests in the BVI has helped the jurisdiction to build a solid reputation for security and reliability.

Business interests will also enjoy financial benefits when engaging in licensed activities like forming hedge funds, mutual funds, and captive insurance companies, just for example, thanks to attractive financial regulations. Or if you simply own property like real estate or yachts, an offshore company in the BVI can help to protect you from personal liability.

Set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands

The pricing for starting and maintaining an offshore company is also extremely reasonable at just under $1,500 (US) to form an International Business Corporation and annual fees of just over $1,000. In addition, you can have your BVI company in place just 8-10 business days after filing paperwork.

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