Investors Europe Offshore Brokerage Accounts

The advantages of an online offshore brokerage account.


Moving into offshore accounts is an excellent way to protect your wealth and assets from less than favorable terms and legislation in your home jurisdiction. Investors Europe in Gibraltar provides new opportunities for anyone interested in diversifying and moving into global investing markets.


Opening brokerage accounts with Investors Europe allows for online trading not only in U.S. stocks, but also international stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, Forex, Contracts for Differences (CFDs), and more. In other words, Investors Europe offshore accounts provide individuals, professionals, and institutions with access to a diverse array of global investing markets.


Investors Europe was designed as an execution-only broker, and later an online trading portal, with the goal of eliminating any potential conflict of interest between the company and its clientele. This means Investors Europe is able to offer the greatest privacy and security for clients.

Open an offshore investment account 

This Gibraltar-based stockbroker is uniquely qualified to provide low risk, flexible investment opportunities to clients, while offering privacy, security, and convenience. The cost to open an account is $450, and there is a required minimum account balance of $10,000.


In addition, there are fees related to trading. Trading online stocks entails a fee of $0.02 per share, with a minimum of $15 per trade, while trading options online can be accomplished with a fee of $1.50 per contract plus $10 per trade.

Online futures and options on futures can be traded at a rate of $10 per trade, although this is dependent upon volume. Online Forex trading can be done for $20, while trading CFDs will set you back $25-50, depending on the location of the CFD.


Submitted by: Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services

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