Global Gold Offshore Gold and Silver Accounts

Global Gold Offshore Gold and Silver Accounts


The global economy is constantly changing, and if you find currency too unreliable, you may be interested in investing in gold and silver accounts instead. Where can you store your gold and silver with assurances of privacy and security?


Global Gold in Switzerland provides the protections you need when storing your gold, silver, or other precious metal. These assets need specific types of protection, and Global Gold insures not only against fraud, but also physical threats like theft and natural disasters.


For anyone looking to diversify their holdings to gain stability; gold, silver, and other precious metals are a natural avenue of exploration. Global Gold makes it easy to invest by offering purchasing and selling services for gold and silver bars or coins.


When you partner with Global Gold you'll gain secure online account access so that you can perform transactions either online or offline. In addition, physical delivery of precious metals will be completed promptly, ensuring your accounts are always accurate.


Setting up your gold and silver account with Global Gold will cost $450, and a minimum balance of $50,000 is required. Storage fees for silver run at 0.8-1.4% annually, while gold storage comes with annual fees of 0.4-0.7%. Any precious metals purchased on your behalf by Global Gold incur a commission of 2-3%, while sales include a 2% commission.

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Diversifying investments is the best way to protect your wealth and assets, and gold, silver, and other precious metals are an obvious choice. With favorable terms and robust protections in place, Switzerland's Global Gold is an ideal facility for your precious metal storage needs.


Submitted by: Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services

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