Offshore Company in the Seychelles

Setting Up An Offshore Company in The Seychelles


A group of 115 islands off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles are known for their thriving tourist trade, and it's no wonder with their stunning scenery, white-sand beaches, and tropical island climate. The country has also become a prime location in which to create International Business Corporations (IBCs) and offshore accounts, thanks to favorable taxation and privacy laws and reasonable rates for creating and maintaining offshore interests.

Set up an offshore company and offshore bank account

An IBC can be created in as little as 24 hours in the Seychelles, with paperwork in your hands within 6-8 days of placing an order. This is thanks to secure online operations that allow for quick and easy application. You'll also enjoy the convenience of secure internet banking for your offshore accounts after the fact, a modern benefit that some offshore jurisdictions have yet to offer.


Privacy is always a concern, and the Seychelles have privacy laws in place to protect IBCs and account holders. Setting up an IBC requires a director and a shareholder, but the identities are not included in the public record. In addition, account holders are not required to file annual reports in the Seychelles as there are no agreements in place with other countries regarding taxation and offshore IBCs are not required to pay taxes in the Seychelles (so long as no business is conducted there).

Want to Move Your IRA Offshore?


Creating an IBC in the Seychelles will cost only $1,250 up front, with low annual maintenance fees of just $800. With quick, easy set-up for IBCs and offshore accounts, strict privacy laws, and the convenience of secure online banking, it's not hard to see why so many companies are choosing to incorporate in the Seychelles.

Written by Sam Hall of Harbor Financial Services

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