15 New Banks in Dominica!

15 New Banks in Dominica!

The government of Dominica has been quite busy issuing new offshore banking licenses. At present the government website lists 17 licensed offshore banks. That is more licensed Class A banks (a "Class A" banking license typically means that a bank is allowed to offer banking services to anyone who doesn't live in the country - in this case Dominica) than in any other Caribbean jurisdiction. In fact it is more than most of the other Caribbean offshore jurisdictions combined!

We and our readers would be very interested in hearing from you about your experience with these banks. If you have applied for an account or you already have an account at any of these offshore banks in Dominica, please leave a review and let us know! 

List of offshore banks in Dominica on Offshore Reviews:  https://www.offshorereviews.com/reviews/review-of-offshore-banks-in-dominica


List of Dominica offshore banks:  

Activa Bank & Trust Corporation

Asprofin Bank Corporation

Barnett Capital Bank

Wall St Bank formerly Monaco Bank Corporation

Cathedral Investment Bank (CIB) Americas Bank Inc

Commonwealth Bank

Compass Bank & Trust Corporation

Digi Bank Corporation formerly Arton Bank Corporation

Ferz Global Bank

iBank Corporation

Migom Bank Ltd.

EQIBANK Limited formerly Interoceanic Bank of the Caribbean Inc

Paxum Bank Limited

Standard Commerce Bank Ltd.

Zuma Bank Corporation

NESO Bank Inc

Growmore International Bank & Trust Inc. 


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