Launches Flagship Web Portal - Forever Changes The Offshore Services Industry Launches Flagship Web Portal - Forever Changes The Offshore Services Industry

Offshore Reviews is based in Panama City, Panama. Their professionals

have decades of combined experience in the offshore financial industry.

They are proud to be the first service that brings accountability

and transparency to the offshore financial sector.


Panama City, Panama, February 15, 2016, The offshore financial services arena has always been shrouded in secrecy. Confidentiality is partially to blame for the lack of transparency in this industry. All that is changed with the launch of For the first time, an “offshore financial services reviews” web portal is available to everyone. This will give new meaning to the execution of due diligence. Consumers can read and compare reviews of offshore providers. And, offshore providers can refer potential clients to their reviews and in so doing distinguish themselves from competitors. enables clients to make informed decisions. They can learn all about the firms in the sector that they are interested in getting involved. Clients can also leave their own reviews and share their experience with everybody. This system of “Feedback” is a great methodology to keep all of the service providers on the top of their game. They do not want negative reviews, as that could cost them money. On the retail side, money can be saved by shopping the services, such as: Offshore Incorporators, Registered Agents, Offshore Banks, Offshore Brokerages, Legal Services, Offshore Precious Metals, and more.   


Offshore service firms can become Premium Members and increase their company's credibility, online reputation and bottom line. Potential clients will be able to see all of the attributes of each firm. A company spokesperson explains: “Now, for the first time, clients the world over may read and write reviews of offshore providers from Belize to Hong Kong and over 40 countries in between. Clients will Choose With Confidence knowing that the offshore provider they have chosen has been reviewed by previous clients. Clients also now have the ability to let the world know how they were treated by an offshore bank, broker, incorporator, registered agent or other services provider.”


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