Real Life Example of a Perfect Plan B

Real Life Example of a Perfect Plan B

June 29, 2017

Milan, Italy

[Editor’s Note: You’ll find a video showing you a real life example of a Perfect Plan B at the bottom of this email.]

Yesterday we talked about how most of Western civilization, including the United States and much of Europe, have long ago departed from the original ideals that made them great.

The values of liberty, economic freedom, self-reliance and independence have been replaced by debt, consumption and over-regulation.

Decades of bungling leadership have completely broken the financial system, and governments and central banks have dug themselves into a hole that is impossible to solve.

As we noted, though, it’s impossible to predict precisely when, one day, the worst consequences of this economic narcissism will strike.

It might be weeks, months, or years before anything happens. But rational people don’t ignore the obvious risks to their livelihoods and their families.

Rational people have a Plan B to ensure that they will always be in a position of strength, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) next.

A Plan B is a personalized insurance policy that increases your freedom, protects your hard-won assets, helps you make more money and ensures that you are legally saving tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year.

But what makes a Plan B perfect?

In order for a Plan B to be perfect, it has to fulfill two critical requirements:

1. A perfect Plan B makes sense no matter what happens (or doesn't happen) next:

The hallmark of a great Plan B is that the steps you take make sense no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) next.

Think of it like wearing a seatbelt. It’s a no-brainer. There are obvious risks on the road… drunk drivers, weather hazards, idiots who text while behind the wheel.

Wearing a seatbelt goes a long way in reducing the potential consequences of those risks.

And yet there’s absolutely ZERO downside in wearing a seatbelt.

No one in the history of the modern automobile has ever arrived safely at his/her destination and been angry for having worn a seatbelt.

It’s that same characteristic that makes a Plan B great: zero downside. Regardless of who is (or isn’t in office). No matter what happens to the economy. Or whether you ever get sued.

A Perfect Plan B ensures you aren't worse off for implementing the strategies. So, even if nothing bad ever happens, you are STILL better off than you were before.

That's at the core of everything we do and recommend here at Sovereign Man. 

2. A Perfect Plan B has a strong Defense AND Offense

No sports team wins a championship with only a good defense. Or solely with a strong offense.

Champions have both-- great offense AND defense.

Think about defense as safeguarding what you already have. Asset protection. Risk prevention.

A great defense ensures that everything you have ever worked for or will achieve in your life will be safe… from lawsuits, capital controls, economic hardship, and even a banking or currency crisis.

Good offense, on the other hand, positions you for gain.

Because wherever there’s risk, there’s always opportunity. And we see an enormous amount of both.  

Undoubtedly the world is changing, as it always has throughout the history of our species.

Technology makes things possible that our ancestors could never have imagined.

We can hop on a flight this evening and wake up tomorrow morning on the other side of the planet.

We can set up a new company within minutes, domiciled in a tax-advantaged country that’s continents away, then manufacture a new product in another country, staff it with employees in yet another country, and sell our goods to the entire world through websites that reach hundreds of millions of consumers every day.

We can invest in emerging technologies that have the power to disrupt just about every single industry that has long maintained a chokehold on its consumers-- from banking to energy to even government itself.

We can also make extremely lucrative investments in places that are growing at meteoric rates because they’ve just woken up from decades of civil war and isolation.

Or even generate strong, safe returns through simple Peer-to-Peer loans… an entire asset class that barely even existed a decade ago.

All of these trends create tremendous opportunity for anyone with the foresight to look beyond the mainstream.

Our mission at Sovereign Man is to help you build a phenomenal defense and offense to increase your freedom, protect your hard-won assets, make more money and save tens of thousands of dollars by legally reducing your tax obligation.

And here is a real life case study of how one of our members built a Perfect Plan B:

Inside this video you will learn…
●    How to protect yourself from problems in the banking and monetary system
●    How to liberate your retirement structure with a sensible strategy
●    How you can generate exceptional returns by investing in private businesses
●    An example of how to trade overvalued dollars for high-quality, undervalued assets
●    Much more…

Click here to learn the actionable strategies in this video.

If you agree that building a Plan B makes sense, I encourage you to check out our flagship international diversification toolkit, Sovereign Man: Confidential.

It covers both defensive as well as offensive strategies and is the quickest and easiest way to start implementing a perfect Plan B.

Click here to learn more and become a member of Sovereign Man: Confidential for just $995.

To your freedom & investment success,

Simon Black  


Reprinted With Permission

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