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Research and Consulting


Research & Consulting

SWP has formed a strategic alliance with CPM Group out of New York City. Founded in 1986, the CPM Group is an independent commodities research and consultancy that provides comprehensive research, analysis, and advisory services to individuals, institutions and governments regarding commodities markets, including precious metals. The objective of the partnership is to provide SWP’s clients access to high-quality, unbiased research and data, as well as customized consulting services as may be required.


Precious metals research is at the heart of CPM’s business. Their research provides an independent source of in-depth information on and the analysis of the precious metals markets. Below are reports issued by CPM for the benefit of SWP’s clients. All reports are in PDF format and can be accessed here or downloaded anytime, free of charge.

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report – Q3 2018. Click to Download

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report – Q2 2018. Click to Download

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report – Q1 2018. Click to Download

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report – Q3 2017. Click to Download

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report - Q2 2017. Click to Download

CPM Precious Metals Quarterly Report - Q1 2017. Click to Download

CPM Gold Market Outlook 2017. Click to Download

CPM also publishes detailed yearbooks on gold, silver and the platinum group metals. These reports have been published since 1971, when CPM was the Research Department at J. Aron trading company. These reports, typically around 225 page in length, are considered to be the definitive works on precious metals market activities, used by institutional and high net worth investors, central banks, mining companies, and others that have financial exposure to precious metals prices. SWP clients can contact Jeffrey Christian at CPM Group to receive a 20% discount on the standard US$160 price.

Consulting Services

CPM also provides in-depth expert consulting services on commodities markets, with a focus on mining and metals, energy, and agricultural industries. The scope of consulting services provided ranges from broad industry related topics to advisory services focused on specific markets, end-uses for individual commodities, expert witness analysis and testimony, as well as advice on individual and corporate investment strategies. CPM serves as the metal price advisor and independent market consultant to many mining companies, technical consultants, financial institutions and other commercial market participants providing:

  • Shorter term consulting on market conditions, including being available to provide immediate analysis and background on market developments.
  • Monthly Precious Metals Advisory reports.
  • Annual gold, silver and platinum group metal Long Term Outlook reports with detailed analyses of the reports including 10-year projections of prices, supply, demand, and other trends for precious metals and other commodities.
  • Fielding questions from individual investors, commercial entities, and governments regarding market fundamentals and the outlook for metal prices.
  • Presentations to Boards of Directors and Executive Committees regarding the outlook for metals prices and market conditions, as well as existing institutional shareholders and prospective strategic and financial investors.
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CPM’s hourly consulting rate range, but the basic rate presently is $650 USD. Larger consulting programs are booked at fixed prices. Blocks of hours are available to be purchased at volume discounts. All commercial agreements will be executed directly between CPM Group and the client. SWP will gladly facilitate the introduction between the two parties. For more information, please email or call (345) 640-2111.


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