NEVIS - SKN, Jan.10 – Delaware USA-based Silvertoken™ (SLVT) announced today 

they have reached a “Vault Master” agreement with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP).  As private 

Vault Master, SWP will be solely responsible for the global storage requirements of Silvertoken. 

SWP has vaults throughout the world for precious metal bullion storage. This agreement will help 

Silvertoken to consolidate operations, manage accounting, and streamline inventory systems.

Silvertoken began as an answer to the chaos surrounding global currencies and as a stable 

cryptocurrency represented by the precious metal silver. Where fiat currencies fail, silvertoken 

excels as a way to protect the value of your money with the flexibility of a cryptocurrency. 

Silvertoken ( offers stability and security with digital silver. When you 

purchase silver from Silvertoken, you get a digital receipt in the form of a cryptocurrency using 

the blockchain, and the silver represented by the silvertoken is secured with SWP. State-of-art 

vaults mean, Silvertoken holders can be sure their silver is safe and secure.

A Silvertoken represents a minimum of 1 troy ounce of .999 silver and can be redeemed for physical 

silver. Thus, when the price of silver increases so will the price of all silvertokens. 

Silvertokens are the ultimate currency that offer a safe and secure alternative to user-backed 

currency (like bitcoin), and are stabilizing existing forms of money.

About Silvertoken: offers physical silver, and when purchased, users receive a 

redeemable receipt for the silver in the form of a digital token. Silvertokens will be released 

into circulation later this month and become redeemable for silver shortly after they are released.

About Strategic Wealth Preservation: Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a fully- integrated 

precious metals dealer and secure storage provider specializing in the acquisition and secure 

storage of precious metals. SWP offers global vaulting solutions in the Cayman Islands, Toronto, 

New York, Miami, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Lichtenstein, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Their 

website, is an excellent resource to learn more about the company’s



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