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ABI Bank

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Good service provided
August 09, 2018

ABI Bank is a good bank to work with. Their fees are considerate and their staff are knowledgeable about the offshore business.

by Dailynneyou

Positive experience
February 17, 2016

I had a very positive experience with my online bank ABI. In complete user error, I hit the wrong fast cash button at an ATM and withdrew too much money. Seems simply enough just to put it back, but as with most internet banks they do not allow cash deposits. I called the bank in near terror because I had scheduled a payment to come through the following day. The representative was very sympathetic as she went over all of my possible options for putting money into the account right away. I ended up transferring money from a debit card with an outside bank that I had already preregister with the ABI bank for transfers. The representative was able to make the transfer right over the phone for me. Things worked out great, and I love my helpful online bank.

by Enny_john