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10 Manoel Street, PO Box. 161, Castries, Saint Lucia

Evan Hermiston is not trustworthy!!! Stay Away!!!

16% September 23, 2016 by abrachvin
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We used ADCO Incorporated to set up a St. Lucia offshore company and a bank account at Bank of St. Lucia International. THEY TOOK OUR MONEY BUT DIDN'T PERFORM THE SERVICES!!!! Even a simple matter like forming a St. Lucia offshore company, they were happy to take our funds, but sent us a lot of paperwork to fill out. Every time we filled out one piece of paper, they came back with one more. And then another, and then another. So the company was never formed and they blamed us. And of course, without the offshore company we couldn't open up an offshore corporate account at Bank of St. Lucia international. Then, to make matters worse, Mr. Evan Hermiston, who I believe is the managing director, refused to refund our money for either of the services. And because they are located in St. Lucia, our only options were to walk away and forget it or try to file a lawsuit in St. Lucia – which needless to say is incredibly expensive. So we just wrote the whole thing off as a loss. And we kicked ourselves for not doing more research. Learn from our mistake and any time you do business with one of these small little companies that are only located on a Caribbean island somewhere, make sure you get plenty of references or some sort of third-party recognition. Otherwise you have no way to know if who you are dealing with is reputable – and ADCO Inc. and Evan Hermiston are definitely NOT reputable.

Fantastic work done

95% February 21, 2016 by Ken_wood

I love this firm, it was a great and fantastic experience working with tricor carribean ADCO fund administrators. I love this firm so much