Al Salam Bank

Offshore Banks
4 Reviews
  • Phone : (+973) 17 00 55 00
Floor 13 East Tower Bahrain World Trade Cen​ter , P.O. Box 18282, Manama , Bahrain

Everything went well

88% February 28, 2019 by ilovemornings

They are very professional and easy to work with. Smooth and worry-free transactions every time.

One nice bank

92% February 25, 2019 by thisisME

I got my bank account opened in less than a week as well as my debit card. They were quick to work without any issues. Also their online service is very reliable and secure based on my experience.

Good experience

73% December 30, 2018 by turtlelair

They have been handling all my offshore accounts for several months now and I have no plans of moving to a different agency. They are easy to work with, very professional and nice team.

Good staff

72% November 07, 2018 by mobaland5

They did a good job choosing their staff. Friendly, polite, helpful professionals. Easy to work and communicate with.