Alexandria Bancorp Limited

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May 19, 2022

Alexandria Bancorp Limited is a new project of famous international scammer Marcus Milleborg. His other fake banks:, EuroDeniz IBU and many others . No trace of an office and regular phone numbers.. The guys are operating from Belarus and the head office was in Dubai till Milleborg receive a legal case and was escaping to his home in Andorra. They scam people with the money through the company Alexandria Operation Corporate Services Provider (Dubai license 941021), nominee manager Tatsiana Baltouskaya (same nominee in Cleveland Corporate Service s.r.o). At the moment Milleborg running between his house in Andorra and his villa on North Cyprus. Same time in Dubai his wife is trying to invest stolen money to the legal business.

by MilleborgScam

Good service provided
August 29, 2018

Fast and worry-free transaction. They were helpful, easy to work and communicate with.

by Uphemine

Service provided was satisfactory
September 14, 2017

All my offshore bank accounts, trusts and companies where up and running even before I was expecting it to. No complaints. Will avail their services in the future without any doubt.

by Claworce