Offshore Registered Agents
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  • Phone : 971-4-4522-455 
Office # 910 , Block B ,Business Village, P.O.Box 87087 , Dubai, The United Arab Emirates

Really helpful!

75% September 09, 2018 by Exclusiveld

I recommend this offshore agency because of their affordable rates and that they are really experts when it comes to offshore business. They know how to work their way around to ensure that their clients get what they need without any delays or issues.

Not a good experience

19% September 14, 2017 by DataScanner

I hired AmeriONE to set up all my offshore business and find a property I can purchase in Belize. I waited for almost a month but did not hear any thing from them, only to find out that no one was assigned to my file. Although they apologized, I decided not to continue with them since they said that they could not find a property which I think was absurd.