Aruba Palms Realtors

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I love my property!
October 04, 2017

Aruba Palms Realtors definitely deserves a 5-star rating for the service they provided to me. I could not imagine working with any other offshore real estate agency in Aruba. It was very easy to work and communicate with their agents throughout the whole process of purchasing my property. They really had great properties to offer and I definitely love the one that I got. Great location and community.

by dailydose

A Good Choice
October 03, 2017

There were dozens of real estate agents in Aruba and I'm glad that I chose to work with Aruba Palms Realtors. The properties that they offered were really beautiful and had reasonable prices. Their agents were very easy to work and communicate with throughout the whole process of purchasing the property I chose.

by pawpet

Satisfied client
September 25, 2017

They helped me find the right offshore property to purchase. They presented a lot of options and gave their personal opinion as to which was the best. I liked that they were really hands on throughout the whole process.

by ilovemyschnorkie

Great Aruba Real Estate Company
September 20, 2017

Very knowledgeable about real estate on Aruba and Jan offered a lot of options I am very happy with working with her.

by ArubaLoca

Excellent Caribbean Realtors!!
September 20, 2017

My husband and I used Aruba Palms to help us purchase a house in Aruba. Their service was outstanding their communication was top-notch and we loved dealing with them. If you are looking to buy property in Aruba - definitely use them!!

by HeatherEuropa

Just fine
September 20, 2017

They were a big help for me because I got the right property I wanted in Aruba. Friendly and helpful staff.

by ExpressFavorite