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Atlantic International Bank Limited

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Wire Funds denial
March 30, 2019

Update - Just FYI - if you want to file a complaint or get help from the MOF - ministry of finance, good luck. They don't reply to requests.

by Elton

Time to close my accounts
March 20, 2019

Final straw. I received an email from customer service that my $1700 wire had cleared and would be deposited by COB last week - fine and good but what a hassle. Then today, almost a week later, an email by Andrew Courtenay stating that "they" decided not to accept this huge deposit from a known source to an established personal and business customer of 4 years. Whether or not this is related to their new San Juan Bankocredito Correspondent bank I don't know. But it is no way to do business. Rec looking at Caye International or other bank. Good bye

by Elton

Update - wire fund transfers
March 09, 2019

Update to my prior review. Almost a week now and my "$1,700" dollar wire is still not available. Despite the paperwork itself stating that the Declaration is required for "large" deposits. Andrew Courtenay, Operations Dept won't respond to emails and appears to be deliberately retaliating for questioning their policy on providing personal information on small deposits. I am going to have to downgrade my recommendations for this bank. To be fair, I do get prompt understanding replies from Sahiri - a customer service rep which is the only reason I am still with the bank. Good luck!

by Elton

Not the place for privacy or efficiency
March 06, 2019

I've been with the bank for 4 years - personal and corporate accounts. Recently, they hold wire deposits - as little as $1,700 for "declaration of source funds" despite that fact that wires from this source have been regularly deposited for years. See below. If you don't provide satisfactory personal private information within 3 days - they will return the wire - and you lose $30-50. Example Good Day, Kindly be advised that we are in receipt of an incoming wire transfer for *** INTERNATIONAL LLC in the amount of USD $1,773.58 by order of *******. Please provide the following so that we may proceed with the release of these funds: 1. Clear and detailed Purpose for the wire transfer 2. ALL Supporting Documentation that clearly depicts the nature of transaction and identifies the relationship between the originator (sender) of funds to the beneficiary (receiver) of funds also showing the origin of funds for the incoming transfers.. Examples may include: bank statements, agreements/contracts, invoices, promissory notes, etc. 3. Filled and signed declaration source of funds that is attached. Please note that all support documents provided must be in ENGLISH We ask that you provide these at your earliest convenience, as we are unable to hold the wire transfer for more than 3 working days. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us for further assistance. Thank you ----------------------- With regards to service, replies, email assistance they have been very good. I go out to sea for weeks at a time and can not check and reply to these information demands every 3 days...........

by Elton

Surprisingly good!
February 28, 2019

Their employees were really a big help to me considering that this was my first time to open an account offshore. They were really helpful and patient with me.

by betamax

Expectations met!
February 25, 2019

I opened several offshore accounts with Atlantic International Bank and they did pretty well. They were fast to process my request and very helpful. Their customer service team is accommodating and great to talk to for any inquiries.

by hibiscus5

Smooth and safe fund transfer
June 07, 2017

Atlantic International Bank did a good job transferring my funds from my local bank in the U.S. to my Belize bank account. Opening an account with them was fast and stress-free, when all the while I thought it was hard to open a foreign account.

by Choosenfox

Good Bank, Especially for Offshore IRA's
February 17, 2016

Atlantic helped me to move my retirement account offshore so that I could purchase property with it in Belize. I didn't even know that was possible, so that was great. They were helpful in the process for sure, but the account opening process is a major pain – there is a lot of paperwork and they require very detailed information on bank references such as average balances and things like that – which a lot of banks don't want to list. So Atlantic is good overall, but just be prepared to do a lot of paperwork and provide a ton of documents to get the account opened.

by BillW

great offshore bank!
February 17, 2016

I like everything about them, from a great range of offshore bank accounts, to online banking, everything looks great.

by yurriaan_duyn