Bank of Nevis International Ltd.

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Don't even consider putting you money in this bank
October 18, 2022

I transferred a large amount of money into this bank on the recommendation of an attorney that told me he had a 15 year relationship with them. They received my funds in January of 2022. In February of 2022 I needed to transfer bank to me funds for the down payment on a home. They informed me that they had a temporary problem doing wire transfers and expected it to be cleared up in a couple of weeks. Is is now October and still no money. I wish to close to account an move to another bank. No cooperation. I have found out since that since October of 2021 This bank has been unable to wire money out. Very dishonest of them to accepted my funds nothing that they could not wire out. Also the CEO of the bank has an international arrest warrant from Interpol against him for defrauding an investor into the bank. Acting CEO Simpson will not communicate.

by Randy

Professional help provided
February 28, 2019

They were very professional, detailed and knowledgeable. I liked that they were friendly and always seemed willing to help me.

by ilovemornings

Made the right choice
February 25, 2019

I liked their online services especially when I'm transferring funds. Their charges are reasonable and transfers are always real-time.

by thisisME

Overall Very Good!
April 17, 2017

We tried out the bank of Nevis International and so far so good! We used an offshore company that we had set up in the BVI through ABM corporate services to open up the account. The only thing a little strange as they did have an account opening fee. But I guess that is understandable. I would imagine that a lot of offshore banks get hit with accounts from people that aren't serious or don't really have the money. So we paid the application fee and then the account was opened within about two weeks. It is pretty easy to get money in and out because they have major banks that they use for their correspondent accounts we got the corporate offshore debit card that they have and have been using it with good success. So overall Bank of Nevis International has definitely met our needs and we will keep using them. We also noticed that it's interesting that they are publicly traded, there are very few other banks in the Caribbean that are publicly traded like that, so that definitely gave us some comfort that our funds will be safe.

by TheDrIsOut

Slow and Difficult to Deal With
February 22, 2016

They have a lot of potential. But their processes are slow and frustrating. Unless you have to have an account in Nevis, there are many other banks that are much easier to deal with and that have better customer service.

by Early1

Efficient service
February 17, 2016

There’s no other bank in Nevis I would trust for my offshore banking needs apart from Bank of Nevis. With this bank my financial assets are protected. Although a small entity, their efficient internet banking makes transactions easier wherever I am in the world.

by rowandesmond