Bank of Saint Lucia International Ltd

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Willie Volney Drive,Massade, P.O. Box RB 2385, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia

Commendable service

91% February 28, 2019 by betamax

Nice customer service. They are very friendly, professional and helpful people every time I give them a call.

So far so good...

91% February 25, 2019 by hibiscus5

They were helpful and polite. They had my offshore account processed in a week as well as my debit card. So far I have not had any problems in terms of transferring funds to and from my accounts.

Top Notch Banking

100% January 11, 2019 by JParnish

These are very good guys. Opened a corporate account there. Had to jump through all the usual hoops to get an offshore account opened, but am glad i did. Good services, the online banking and card work well, their customer service people are VERY helpful and that's nice. Very solid bank and very pleasant to work with.

Solid Bank in Sold Location

100% November 30, 2018 by BillW

I have used the Bank of St. Lucia International for about 5 years. They are very solid. The service is good, prices are reasonable and everything works and functions as advertised, including their pre-paid card. Overall a very good bank to work with.

Due Diligence is the Gold Key Rule!

100% September 19, 2018 by Prudent
Verified Review

I'm very satisfied with BOSLIL bank services. They are very serious, and really cares with its own reputation. The relationship and the "day-by-day" account operation will be as easy as you follow strictly your bank account profile with transparence. My opinion is that this is imperative in today's new offshore environment. The credit card works very well overseas, and the online platform is suficient. I do recomend if you are looking for a traditional offshore bank, with traditional bank products, in a premiere offshore jurisdiction (St Lucia).

From Bad To Worse!!

36% September 23, 2016 by abrachvin
Verified Review

We had a bad experience with a registered agent in St. Lucia, ADCO Inc. managed by Mr. Evan Hermiston, and things went downhill from there. After we used the services of another St. Lucia registered agent we were in fact able to open up an account at Bank of St. Lucia international. But the experience was less than stellar, and that is putting it in an extremely diplomatic fashion. The managers of the bank are Ryan Devaux and Nicholas Clark. It took forever, and many, many phone calls and emails over the course of several months just to get our online banking set up. Then when we tried to use the debit card it didn't work. We were told that we hadn't submitted the proper paperwork and had to fill out a bunch more pieces of paper. Then when we tried to get a wire out we had to fill out additional forms and we were treated like we were up to no good or that there was something wrong with us, when all we wanted to do was access our own funds to purchase some property in the Caribbean. After six months of dealing with these guys we decided to simply close our account and go elsewhere. We have had accounts at other Caribbean banks, some small and some large, but never have we had the kind of poor treatment that we got at Bank of St. Lucia international. And never have we interacted with people who treated us so badly as the managers Ryan Devaux and Nicholas Clark. Their website looks impressive and everything sounds like it's the best of the best. But in reality their service is terrible, you get treated like you're some sort of a suspect just for wanting to access your own funds, and they can be incredibly bureaucratic and slow and unbelievably frustrating to deal with. As one other reviewer said, and we completely concur, go elsewhere and save yourself some pain!


16% February 22, 2016 by Early1

They looked like a great bank, but they were very tough to work with and one day just closed my account out of the blue. Save yourself some pain and go elsewhere.

Perfect work

68% February 21, 2016 by Jane_myke

I am very delighted about how they handle everything. Just perfect!