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Horrible Middlemen for Wilfred International
February 16, 2021

This is one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had. The site blatantly lies about 1. Service time frame (MINIMUM A WEEK 2-3 DAYS IS FALSE) 2. Response time is actually 18-24 hours and they disappear on skype middle of the conversation 3. Their ability to get things done in a timely or reasonable fashion. They are literally middlemen for Wilfred International Services just reselling. They double to triple the price of Wilfred International Services and make the process twice as long since they have to courier stuff to them and then to government body for registration. I ordered on a Tuesday didn't receive anything until the following day. Its now Wednesday I send in exactly what was asked. Then they need minor details changed (English is NOT their first language btw) which if they just stated things clearly in the first place would have saved me an extra trip to a notary. I'm running around trying to get things done Wednesday. RADIO SILENCE UNTIL FRIDAY. I finally receive the application on Friday afternoon. So for 2-3 working days its just blatantly false with horrible communication. I ask Linda when am I going to get the documents and she is begging for "my understanding" as this is going to be now middle of the next week at best for something at the latest I should have gotten on Friday. I had made plans on having this done on Friday so at this point I explain this is not going to work. Anyone who has been in business before will tell you having a registered agent on top of the ball when it comes to this is actually extremely important. I explain this business relationship will not work out and I would like a refund. Linda replies with it is against policy which its not and "begs for cooperation and understanding". After several back and forths they have been unwilling to refund my money for the horrible service and failure to deliver what was ordered. Long story short I now have to dispute these charges through my credit card and will have wasted valuable time dealing with middlemen looking to make a quick buck. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

by Randoffshorecustomer

Its a SCAM company stay away from them
Verified Review
October 13, 2020

I approached them last month to see if they can help in any remote bank account opening in Singapore or Hong Kong for my Hong kong company which is 4 years old and has already have existing bank account with ICICI Bank Hong Kong. They asked me some basic info about the company like nature of business and requested for documents which would be required to open the bank account so they could pre-approve it. And they verified that they can offer account opening for me with DBS Hong Kong ( remotely with video conference call ), DBS Singapore ( remotely with video conference call ) and OCBC Singapore ( remotely with video conference call ). So i decided to signup up with them for OCBC since DBS had too big of initial deposit and balance requirement. And paid them USD 700. Once i paid them they requested for some additional docs which i provided. This is the first day after i paid them and submitted following docs: Directors documents Company Audit Reports for past 3 years Company Tax Debit notes and Returns for past 3 years Customer and Supplier Invoices Client Contracts Current bank account statement Bank reference letter Basic Company docs like COI, BR And Virtual office lease agreement. Now before i paid them i asked them specifically do any of the banks require physical office or can they accept virtual office, to which they clearly responded virtual office is no problem. They came back requesting couple of questions like one of the client contract was over 1 year old and others are also old. So in reality in my business contracts are not a big requirement so its only signed once when we start relationship and out 4 contracts i submitted 3 were signed in last 5 months and other was 1 year old, but since they requested it i somehow managed to ask my client to sign new contract and submitted that as well. Then they came up with new request that they need a new address proof, which is what i asked, so they said a latest invitation letter sent by my customer or supplier to my address, which did seem odd to me since i submitted tax returns with my business address, my audit reports and my current corporate bank account statement which also has my address, so i told them getting an invitation letter is impossible since world has been on lockdown for past 6 months or so why and how would someone send me an invitation letter. Now all this was sounding a little phishy, i saw there was refund policy on the site stating i can request 100% refund within 3 days, so i asked them to refund my money and they started strolling and offered me other services like auditing and tax filing services which 3 times more than my existing accountants, to which i refused. And at the end denied to refund stating that refund policy says if i fail to provide that invitation letter document so i am not liable to get a refund. I was also willing to go for a partial refund but they denied that as well, so i asked them to lets go ahead open the account only and request a meeting with OCBC bank with existing documents. And its been more than 15 days now since they gave any information for an appointment or even a single piece of thread to prove that they even applied for bank account opening. I have not received a single email confirmation from OCBC bank about my application being submitted or approved or denied or anything. I would highly recommend to stay away from this company.

by hkohli

stay away from them
November 24, 2019

I used BBCINCORP for the first time and they have been totally sub-standard. They first said that I could not incorporate in the chosen jurisdiction for some obscure reason. So I decided to incorporate in a different jurisdiction (HK) using an incorporator that I used before and that I trusted. Then BBCINCORP got back to me and said that I finally had been approved in the original jurisdiction and proceeded to incorporate. They sent me the documents in PDF format. When I asked BBCINCORP to send the the complete original, they said that I had to pay $75.00 to get the originals But instead of receiving a complete hard box containing all the documents and the gorporate seal, I received only a minimal package, no company seal, no box. When I complained that this was insufficient, BBCINCORP responded that it would cost me US$250.00 to get the company seal, plus US$75.00 shipping. Of course, I declined. Last but not least, when I asked BBCINCORP to send me a Certificate of Incumbancy so I could open the bank account for the company, they responded that it could be done if I accepted to pay an extra $120.00 because, they said, this was part of the bank account "assistance. This is not bank account assistance. It is bank account BLACKMAIL! My recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM BBCINCORP. There are plenty of good incorporators out there that will do a much better job for you without trying to continuously squeeze money out of you.

by John Too

All went well!
October 17, 2018

They were easy to work and communicate with. They made sure that all of my concerns were addressed.

by hlalUS

One good team
July 20, 2018

Everyone was very easy and pleasant to work with. They did well helping me set up my first offshore corporation. I'm planning to open investment accounts too and I'm definitely hiring them again.

by Lapstoma