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Hong Kong

stay away from them

19% November 24, 2019 by John Too

I used BBCINCORP for the first time and they have been totally sub-standard. They first said that I could not incorporate in the chosen jurisdiction for some obscure reason. So I decided to incorporate in a different jurisdiction (HK) using an incorporator that I used before and that I trusted. Then BBCINCORP got back to me and said that I finally had been approved in the original jurisdiction and proceeded to incorporate. They sent me the documents in PDF format. When I asked BBCINCORP to send the the complete original, they said that I had to pay $75.00 to get the originals But instead of receiving a complete hard box containing all the documents and the gorporate seal, I received only a minimal package, no company seal, no box. When I complained that this was insufficient, BBCINCORP responded that it would cost me US$250.00 to get the company seal, plus US$75.00 shipping. Of course, I declined. Last but not least, when I asked BBCINCORP to send me a Certificate of Incumbancy so I could open the bank account for the company, they responded that it could be done if I accepted to pay an extra $120.00 because, they said, this was part of the bank account "assistance. This is not bank account assistance. It is bank account BLACKMAIL! My recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM BBCINCORP. There are plenty of good incorporators out there that will do a much better job for you without trying to continuously squeeze money out of you.

All went well!

82% October 17, 2018 by hlalUS

They were easy to work and communicate with. They made sure that all of my concerns were addressed.

One good team

74% July 20, 2018 by Lapstoma

Everyone was very easy and pleasant to work with. They did well helping me set up my first offshore corporation. I'm planning to open investment accounts too and I'm definitely hiring them again.