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Scammers watch out for them
February 16, 2021

They are bunch of scammers gathered together , I will mention people behind it Wiktor (polish guy) , Hrychya, Nicholas (south African ) Nicholas (South African ) they are asking for money and then they will rob you , I am going to fsca to close down their business, I have so many recordings from them , I’ll finish them off

by Fical

profits and good service
August 05, 2020

hi guys I have just made my third deposit of $13000, remember how certain brokers only care about big deposits well that's not true , when I started with belfx i only deposited $500 dollars , they helped me grow my account successfully to $2000 and my withdrawal process took up to two days. They called even though I was no longer a client , checking up on me and never asking about money unless I mention it . i would recommend this broker to all traders

by tamea

16% Verified Review
September 03, 2019

BELFX or OLO made me loosing plenty of money as they were advising me to enter few trades which were a loosing oneS, also they did delete all the given credits suddenly and without prior notice ( about 30% of the accounts) so I did lose all the profits and about 50% of my account. then I lost the rest because of there pending loosing orders> I don't recommend this company to anyone. I hope that GOD will take my revenge back. They will make you win first then after you trust their advice, they will ruin your account. for further details you may email me.

by AY

October 17, 2018

One thing to commend about this firm is their staff. Very good customer service. They always maintain professionalism, always pleasant and warm people.

by freedom2017

Well done
June 08, 2017

I was hesitant to hire BELFX but they proved me wrong. They definitely met my expectation and showed me that I got what I paid for.

by Choosenfox