Boris Mannsfeld & Associates

Offshore Real Estate
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  • Phone : (501) 523-3063
Main Street, Punta Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize

One great team!

92% October 05, 2017 by kaleidoscopeworld

This firm was really nice to work with. They helped me find a perfect property in Belize to purchase. The one I got had a very nice location and community.

Good choice

92% October 04, 2017 by dailydose

Boris Mannsfeld & Associates is one fine team to work with. Their agents were very helpful, polite, friendly and decent professionals. They had a lot of nice properties and even vacant lots available that had reasonable prices.

Definitely no regrets

92% October 03, 2017 by pawpet

The properties that they offer are very nice and worth every penny. My wife and I purchased two properties in Belize using our retirement funds and we definitely have no regrets. The place is gorgeous and the people within the community are very friendly and easy to get along with.

Just what I needed

91% September 29, 2017 by wanderlust25

Good experience working with these guys! They were helpful, dedicated and really friendly. The properties that they offered were really nice and had reasonable prices. Good location and facilities.

Worth investing

71% September 25, 2017 by ilovemyschnorkie

We absolutely love the feel of the property and the people are great. It has been almost a year since we purchased a lot and this is such a great place to explore. Very peaceful and beautiful. Lastly what I love about this place is that there are a lot of activities to choose from.

Satisfactory service

72% September 21, 2017 by MediumExtra

They provided legal advice regarding offshore business. They were professional, detailed and talented people to work with.