Offshore Precious Metals
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Le Gron, St Saviours, GY7 9RN, Guernsey

Do not trust these guys

48% October 22, 2020 by edthorp

They have virtually no capital. If you leave your metal with them you are just another creditor if they go bust. IT"S NOT YOUR GOLD...it's theirs. They give you a piece of paper promising to give it to you. But if they don't....all you can do is sue. And if they go bust, which based on their lack of capital isn't that unlikely, you could lose ALL your money.

All good

75% November 03, 2018 by pumpkinlatte12

They were a big help to make me have a better decision regarding the offshore business. They were helpful, informative and professional people to work with.

20% September 21, 2017 by NewsMillPulse