Canal Bank

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4 Reviews
  • Phone : (507) 307-5900
Via España, Canal Bank Building (Next to Felix Maduro), Panama City, Panama

Satisfied client!

91% February 28, 2019 by yesman

Nice bank. They got my offshore accounts processed earlier than expected. Their staff were helpful and easy to work with.

Everything went well

91% February 25, 2019 by caughtinthemiddle

Nice service and staff. They got my offshore account processed in a week and I got my debit card delivered the week after.

Good Bank in Panama

96% October 25, 2017 by Early1

We have several accounts with Canal Bank. They have very competitive savings accounts and CD rates. For a Panama bank they are very easy to work with and the paperwork to open an account is very reasonable, again especially for a bank in Panama. Good bank! We intend to keep our account open for a long time.

20% September 21, 2017 by NewsThink