Caye International Bank Ltd.

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Service was above average
February 28, 2019

Nice bank. They got my offshore accounts processed earlier than expected. Their staff were helpful and easy to work with.

by betamax

Great choice!
February 25, 2019

There were several banks to choose from and I'm glad that I chose Caye International Bank in Belize to open my offshore accounts. Their rates are fair and their service is above average. I like their online service, user-friendly and always online.

by hibiscus5

Good Offshore Bank In Belize
Verified Review
January 11, 2019

Good offshore bank. Opening the account was pretty smooth, especially considering other banks i've worked with in the Caribbean. Online banking is good and i actually went to the bank in person in San Pedro, Belize. That was a nice little vacation on a great little island. If you have the time i would definitely recommend going there in person if you can to meet the staff and everything.

by JParnish

Smooth transactions
June 08, 2017

Caye International Bank did not give me a hard time opening an account. I like their online banking service and it is very easy for me to move my funds to and from the U.S.

by DirectCharter

Solid Offshore Belize Bank
November 08, 2016

Caye Bank is by far the easiest bank in Belize to work with. They have the easiest and fastest account opening procedure and their online banking is good. If you are going to open an offshore account in Belize, Caye Bank is definitely the one to go with.

by CowboySailor

Good Bank In Belize
February 17, 2016

Caye Bank is one of the handful of offshore banks in Belize. They can be a bit bureaucratic when opening accounts – it took them several weeks to open mine – but once the account was opened things went smoothly. I believe they also have some sort of precious metals service, although I have never used it myself. I have had the chance to visit the Caye Bank offices in person while I was on San Pedro Island in Belize. They are located at the top of the Caye Financial Center very close to downtown San Pedro.

by BillW

great international bank!
February 17, 2016

I benefited greatly of their offshore banking services. They happened to have a gold investment option too. I will use that option in future. Great bank!!

by yurriaan_duyn