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  • Phone : +971545559684
Nioumachoua, Autonomous Island of Mohéli, Autonomous Island of Mohéli, The Comoros Islands

It's a scam, here the informations

16% February 12, 2020 by cgbankscam

It's a total scam, but I found some informations on them: 1, some emails are sent from this IP, they connect from Sweden 2. you can see on the previous link, all the scam domains they connect 3. here you find the business IP under the business name Fredrik Holmqvist 4. here I found their local UAE company registered (not as a bank of course) 5. this is an usuale fake number +971545559684 as the previous as before

Another Fake Offshore Bank

16% August 15, 2019 by Offshore Reviews Admin

See our full report on this "bank" (hint - it's another fake bank located in country that doesn't even have offshore banks!):

It's a scam non-existing bank

16% July 19, 2019 by motoddiconomm

it's a scam, let me tell you why: first deposit 1000€ blocked on the account plus 500€ for the opening (nothing strange). after I transfer some funds, and every time the received got around 3-5% less without any advice from their side. As I would withdraw all the funds, they blocked all the funds and don't answer my emails anymore. Going to open a police investigation on all their bank accounts used to fund my account in EU, as well the IBAN from they sent the funds to the receivers.

They no reply after receive my eur 1k min start up

16% April 29, 2019 by CG scam
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They asking me to open account with min eur 1k and eur 500 start up fee , after that they did no reply my email and ask me to top up for engaging their banking services again

The licence listed is not issued from any institution.

16% April 03, 2019 by CaptainH

We are investigating a possible fraud. What is sure, is that the Mwali registar is not a governamental institution. Here is the list of banks registered on Comore Islands and this is the only list. Most others are scam business.

Polite staff

96% March 15, 2019 by AnnF

They answered on all my questions, explained me all and helped me with all papers.

Good customer service. wide range of services

91% March 06, 2019 by alexey94

It was nice to talk with the manager of this bank, discussing at a fairly high level. With the exception of small problems, we found a way out and are now cooperating. Good choice among heaps of scams

Good service provided

73% February 25, 2019 by starfinder

They processed my bank account and completed everything in less than 2 weeks. Average service provided. Good staff as well.