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  • Phone : 501 -223-6850
Power Point Building, Ground Floor, Corner Hudson Street and Marine Parade Boulevard, Belize City, Belize


16% March 15, 2018 by Roth

Like the last reviewer, I am having trouble getting my money out of Choice bank. they are very very difficult to use if you want to take your money out. Don't use them.

Avoid depositing money with Choice Bank of Belize, find some other bank to deposit with

16% December 29, 2017 by Nate

Based on my experience with Choice Bank of Belize holding my funds hostage and not returning my deposited funds to me on demand and insisting on additional and changed requirements and documentation that was not disclosed to me upfront, I would strongly recommend avoiding depositing any money into Choice Bank of Belize.

Good customer service

80% June 08, 2017 by DirectCharter

I have several offshore accounts with Choice Bank and I can say that I am a satisfied client. Every time I contact them either give them a call or send an email, their representatives are very prompt and sounds willing to help. Very pleasant employees.

Awesome service

84% November 23, 2016 by DanielWood

1. Really awesome company/bank. I enjoyed there services. I can really see them as an industry leader soon.

good bank!!

89% February 17, 2016 by yurriaan_duyn

I can't thank enough choice bank. Their deposit accounts in a range of currencies have greatly helped me. Managing my financial assets with choice bank has always remained wonderful.