Circle Trust Services (Bvi) Ltd.

Offshore Registered Agents, Offshore Fund Providers
3 Reviews
  • Phone : 1-284-494-7298
Rodus Building, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 4064, Tortola, The British Virgin Islands

A good agency in the BVI

82% June 28, 2017 by Expertield

Circle Trust definitely deserves a good review. My experience working with them was nice. They were helpful and easy to work with.

Outstanding experience

85% December 23, 2016 by irachel

Amazing team that worked to satisfy me. Customer service was what it should be. Tolerating my very many requests and still delivering what was requested.

Skilled and friendly

96% February 19, 2016 by katyspencer

Circle Trust may not be as old as the other companies out their but their dynamic thinking in this old field does offer a rather refreshing insight into various possibilities. I recommend them for their quality and high standards that place them on par with the older reputed trust firms out there.