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Credit Foncier

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i recommend this bank
December 11, 2018

service is rather good and qualified managers helped me to fullfil my requirements

by alexey94

This is a Fake Bank
March 14, 2018

From the Offshore Reviews Admin: This is a fake bank. We have written a blog post laying out the details of this banking scam: Note, the "bank" has since changed its website to

by Offshore Reviews Admin

Good, long-lasting
October 17, 2017

Their managers work 24/7 and I always got my assistance on time. The reason to apply there is that the bank is not compliant should choose this one in case you are are bothered by ur security. By the way deposit rates are good, I've searched the the market, believe me

by GustafssonL1976

No problem
September 13, 2017

The bank has many corespondent account I have been using it 2 years, they cards and their customer service is always avaible , just try the online chat , thi post are non sense

by ThmoTiH

Scam Alert
December 07, 2016

Not a real bank. Using a payment processor called St. Georges Bankers and Trust that is most likely phony as well.

by Early1

Not a legitimate Bank
Verified Review
December 07, 2016

There is no Credit Foncier bank licensed in the Comoros. There is a legitimate Credit Foncier, which is a French bank that is 150 years old. But this bank is simply copying their name. Stay Away!!

by CowboySailor