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Another Fake Bank in the Comoros
July 30, 2019

Don't they ever stop? We have written extensively about fake banks in the Comoros. But it appears that it is becoming a game of Whack A Mole. As soon as one fake bank shuts down or changes their name or website another one or two pop-up. We have written about other fake banks here: And, you can see the actual list of licensed banks in the Comoros Islands on the government website. It is in French but if you use Chrome, Google will automatically translate into your local language: You can see that there are only 7 licensed financial institutions, and there is no Delta West Credit Bank among them. The bottom line is, don't open an offshore bank account with any bank that purports to have any connection to the Comoros. And whatever you do, don't send any money to a bank that is in the Comoros. Do your homework before you send money offshore!!

by Offshore Reviews Admin