Offshore Banks   2 Reviews
Average fees and service
February 05, 2019

They did their job quite well. They were fast and easy to communicate with.

by ketofit

February 17, 2016

I wanted to open up a separate bank account for my freelance work account, but I didn't want to leave the house and I didn't want a bank who'd try to sneak charges by me like my current bank does. I chose Ally because they were well known and I was assured the process was painless. I was blown away at how quickly it took to open my new account. It was instantaneous compared to my other bank. There was no minimum balance to open, i wasn't being charged a monthly maintenance fee, and the APY was pretty good. One issue I feel I might run into though is not finding an ATM that I can withdraw money from, though it's not that big of a setback since I usually pay with a debit card anyway. I've only had my ECBA banking account for about two months now, but I'm actually thinking of ditching my brick and mortar bank entirely now.

by Enny_john