Eclipse Finance

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My experience was okay
February 05, 2019

What I liked about this firm is that they always respond to my queries in a timely manner. They are also polite and helpful.

by ketofit

Not a legitimate broker
August 27, 2016

Eclipse Finance appears to be little more than a website. They are cashing in on the binary options craze. Their address is also home to hundreds of other "businesses" and their facebook page contains reviews that are obviously fake. The good facebook reviews are from fake profiles - some of the names are even the wrong gender. The bad facebook reviews, the ones where people stated that they can't get their money back, appear to be genuine. They have some pretty strange enticements such as referring to "risk free" trades. In the history of investing, there has never been any such thing as a risk free trade. If you can make money on a trade, you could lose it as well. They claim to have a "welcome bonus" up to 250% for large accounts (over $100k). That's insane. If you believe in risk free trades and a broker doubling your money for nothing simply b/c you make a deposit, I've got a bridge to sell you.... For your own safety, stay away!

by HeatherEuropa