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Europac Bank

16% January 10, 2019 by EM

I too have had a very negative experience with europac that enhances my understanding of the sentiments on this forum. I sent money transfers to Canada and long story short, due to europac's mistake, i'm yet to receive it. Rather than return this $ to my account or do their job and freely investigate my not receiving any of the wire transfer I sent, Devin Baldo and others that I contacted throughout this process blamed the issue on everything but europac bank, and suggested ways to "fix" the problem they caused that will result in my spending even more of my own $. Emails to their support and wires email addresses resulted in 0 responses. For a while they didn't even know why they hadn't returned the wire transfer I sent 3 weeks ago and suggested I spend even more $ for them to investigate their mistake. I've transferred at least 3 wire transfers to my canadian account within 3 weeks and received none, and europac has been great in blaming cibc rather than themselves. I will tell you all if they finally fix this issue or if they mess it up further. Let's wait and see if they will finally act right. Whatever the case I will regal you all with whatever further bs europac does. Yes I agree with others, doing business with this bank has become quite questionable. Others who have had bad experience with europac - if europac does not fix this problem for me in a timely manner - and you all want to pool resources together and take legal action against europac, I am happy to join. I will give this a few days first and see if they address my issue or not in a reasonable manner. What a bank!

Amateurish bank

16% October 20, 2018 by jd

Usual respond to my messages was 2-5 days. They would’ve never answered the same day even if I would've sent a message before they start working. Fees are very high. I had Forex trading account with them as well. They are the worst broker I've ever seen in terms of execution, swap rate, spread, minimum deposits, available currencies, internal transfers, communication etc. Actually, nothing was good. Finally, I was fed up with this amateurish bank and broker and decided to close accounts. On September 16 (11 days before start of system upgrade) I requested release of the $60 deposit which they held (as they said) if my account goes into minus and they want to charge their monthly fees. However, this deposit is enough for 12 months of fees! I needed deposit to be released in order to transfer out entire amount and to close the account, which I told them. But they would've been delaying, answering every few days until September 27 when they had system upgrade, for 4 days. After upgrade on Oct 1 I couldn’t have made a transfer. They kept telling me it is because of “hiccups” due to upgrade. I start calling every day and practically kept bagging for my money. They finally made a transfer on October 11, while I received money to my other bank on October 17. Of course, they didn’t forget to charge me fees for October! And interestingly, all their messages from September 16, with their excuses disappeared from the inbox in my account. However, their messages before September 16 and after October 10, and all my messages are still there. I have screenshots of all of their messages tough. It was 31 days of nightmare, but reading other reviews I have to happy having my money. I believe it was because it was a small amount. I highly doubt this bank is solvent.

a cirminal Bank ?

36% August 01, 2018 by dkhw55

You obviously do not get your money back from this bank. Payment orders are not processed, and that for weeks. That seems to me to be quite criminal, how this bank behaves

Bad to Worse

16% February 09, 2018 by Grey

The initial set up was fine, online notary, skype interview etc. Even initial funding was easy. Then the problems started, Wire transfers in, "Sorry Compliance is reviewing...." Oh you actually want to use the bank like a bank? Sorry, you need an economic reason. Other wise we will hold your money until we feel like letting it be transferred again." So, I do not recommend this "bank" to anyone... I hope they will get all the Karmic energy that is their due!


16% November 02, 2017 by Erik

A business account was created with Euro Pacific Bank and initially the services that they provided was great. However, as this account was hacked and funds went missing the Bank was blaming the beneficiary and not their security system. There were enquiries for over one year in order to get some assistance in recovering the missing funds but unfortunately they did not take any responsibility. So the suggestion of opening a business account in that St. Vincent one would have to seriously take all considerations into account before making that decision. It maybe that this country is a great place to visit and spend your holiday there, but once you start having issues, the judicial system and Financial Service Authority will not support you in any way. The question is, what was the reason that the bank was setup in ST. Vincent in the first place? One could suggest that is to avoid any responsibilities or compliancy by the bank!

Wire transfer

16% October 27, 2017 by Ben

We opened corporate account one month ago, very fast and service untill them, after they ask me to deposit found in order to activate the account, bad was that we did and for a 1 week we are waiting for one customer wire, we see in the account as pending wire for few days and nobody can give a explanation about it, the first time I have to wait with my customer regarding this kind of issue, where looks like was a big mistake to trust.

Wire time

19% October 27, 2017 by Ben

Once I opened the account, they ask me after few weeks to wire them and find the account, once I didn't, for more than 1 week I see the wire as pending and not in the balance, don't have a right answer, firts time I have to wait so long for a wire and I didn't get a right answer, doesn't make feel safe.

Satisfied as always

92% August 13, 2017 by Sitingly

It was my first time to open an offshore investment account in St. Vincent and I'm glad that I chose Euro Pacific. Their staff and service are outstanding. I had my accounts opened in no time and without any issues or problems.

Above average experience

91% July 27, 2017 by Toolstroide

It's great doing business with Euro Pacific Bank. They have been my offshore bank for several months now and I have no complaints. They got my accounts up and running in no time. I'm confident as well that my funds are safe and secure. Their online service is also very reliable and worry-free. I'm glad that I chose this bank!

Great customer service

92% July 21, 2017 by Pioneergo

I opened an investment account with Euro Pacific Bank and I'm glad that I chose them. Their customer service team are quick to respond, dedicated, helpful and competent. My concerns are always resolved each time I contact them. In addition, their online service is reliable and secure. Keep up the great work!!!

strong backup. 100% secure

84% February 18, 2016 by janessabaker

Their private and secure offshore storage is one of their strongest features. Backed by precious metals, the bank has preserved its power over a long period of time. These and a lot more are the reasons why I continue to trust Euro Pacific Bank.