First Atlantic Commerce

Offshore Registered Agents, Offshore Merchant Accounts   6 Reviews
Great experience working with them
October 05, 2017

They did a fantastic job helping me out with my offshore corporation. I had to set up a new one and a trust as well. They were very detailed and specific with the procedure. They gave me a lot of options, suggestions and how I would benefit from having an offshore company. Without a doubt, I will hire them again for my future offshore business.

by kaleidoscopeworld

One satisfied client!
October 04, 2017

I used their services to help me form my offshore company and they did really well. Everything was completed in less than 2 weeks. What I liked is that they always kept me updated regarding the progress and were prompt to respond to my inquiries.

by dailydose

Fast and Reliable
October 03, 2017

Overall it was a nice experience working with First Atlantic Commerce for my offshore needs. I used their services to form my offshore company, trust and bank accounts and they completed all the necessary paper works in less than 3 weeks. They were really quick to work on my requests and prompt to respond to my queries at all times.

by pawpet

Everything went well
September 30, 2017

They handled my inquiries and offshore issues well. They helped me have a better understanding about offshore tradings and how I can benefit as well from getting an offshore company. I'm glad I hired their services.

by wanderlust25

Superb service and staff
September 25, 2017

They have helped me with my first offshore corporation and everything went smoothly. They are a bunch of people who are very easy to work, very professional and friendly. Since this was my first time, I liked how they made me fully aware of the benefits of having an offshore corporation and gave me suggestions and options during the course of setting up the company.

by ilovemyschnorkie

Great Firm
March 22, 2016

They provide what they promise to offer

by jennifer