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The worst customer service

23% August 01, 2017 by John

It was almost a year ago when we went through the process of forming a company in Ireland, before moving there. As we were out of the country at the time, the only choice was to find a company in Ireland specialized in business formations, that would help us with all the necessary paperwork and procedures to open the company. After a quick search, we ended up with a site called This was mainly due to their paid Adwords campaigns for the term “form a company in Ireland”. Looking further into them, I couldn’t find any bad reviews (or any reviews whatsoever), and also found that a UK company under the same name existed, giving more reliability to the Thinking that such an extended operations company should be reliable enough, I decided to move with them – a decision that I regretted later on. To make things short, and their ‘director’ have been extremely unhelpful, making mistakes in the process of forming the company in Ireland, that would cost us hundreds of dollars, and blatantly avoiding any responsibility one way or the other. The result was that we had a 4-month delay in starting trading and a 6-month delay to get our Tax ID. The director of, was ignorant during the whole process, promising things that he didn’t have a clue about, and not accepting his mistakes even if they were verified by multiple accountants and tax officers. Among everything else, as a ‘defence’ mechanism that you would mainly see in teenagers, the director of would mail accusations where he didn’t even remember me paying him for doing specific services. He would then ‘invent’ new costs trying to get even more money out of me. On another occasion, we had a business meeting and I used a software that automatically transcribes words, effectively saving me from minute taking. My accountant was also in the meeting and I introduced him at the start, to which the director of acknowledged. But in a subsequent email, the director of accused me in front of our Board of Directors of not making him aware that there was someone else (the accountant) on the call. When I told him that indeed I had made him aware and I can prove it because I had the recording, via the textual transcript, he then threw another teenage tantrum, threatening to sue me for making a record of the call without telling him. The final icing on the cake was when we paid him for opening a bank account for our new business, an amount of a few hundred Euros for a process that would take 30 minutes and without him even completing the necessary forms! Even if he couldn’t fulfil his contractual obligations, he refused to refund the money of the services not done, stating “If you still feel a refund is due then I recommend that you seek legal opinion”. In another case, when asking to scan or take a photo of important documents they received, their reply would be “I'm sorry, but this is not going to happen”. In the process, we learned that was separated from their UK counterpart, and it was an independent company, even if on their website they included pages with services and features that were only available for the UK business, misguiding visitors and making them look bigger than what they really are, that is probably a 1-person business, with a three-figure number in assets on their balance sheet. Towards the end of our relationship, the director of stopped replying to my emails, even though they related to important business services that we had paid for. He finally replied after 4 months and said the delay was due to taking holidays! Companies such as these, shouldn’t exist in our time. Not only because of their lack of understanding of the importance of customers, but also because their mistakes in the important issue of forming a company, could lead to serious implications for the owners. It is a shame that such misconducts exist today, but again is the exception rather than the rule, which is promising for the future.