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A One-Stop Shop
October 27, 2017

Freedom Offshore is one fine offshore firm in Costa Rica. I have been their client for 1 year and they have been handling all my offshore business. I started by using their services to form my offshore company, trust and accounts and because of the great service they provided, I decided to use them again to open a couple of offshore investment accounts. What I like most with Freedom Offshore is that they can manage to cater to all my offshore needs and I'd definitely get good results.

by Desketexaf

Offshore concerns resolved!
October 27, 2017

Freedom Offshore helped me form my offshore company and they were great people to work with. Very professional, detailed, skilled and friendly agents. I'm planning to purchase a property in the next few weeks and I'm definitely using their services again.

by Onlynxtglo

Knowledgeable and Skilled
October 06, 2017

What stood out from this agency is that their agents are really experts when it comes to the offshore business. Ask them any thing and you can definitely get an answer. Nice people to work with.

by Enbelife