Genesis Trust & Corporate Services Ltd.

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Just what I needed
October 05, 2017

So far the most reliable, professional and proactive corporate services provider we used to come across with who helped us to make the right structure that meets our needs and open our bank account. You pay for professionalism and can rest assured it will be done in the right way, so you can remain focused on your business.

by kaleidoscopeworld

Satisfied as always!
October 04, 2017

I have been with Genesis Trust for over a year and they have always provided great service. Initially, I hired them to form my offshore company and a few months back, I used their services again to help me with a couple of offshore investment accounts. Everything has been doing well and I definitely have no regrets using them.

by dailydose

One satisfied client!
October 03, 2017

I used their services to form my offshore company, trust and bank account. They were very helpful, accommodating and easy to work and communicate with. They managed to complete all the necessary paper works in less than 3 weeks. Job well done!

by pawpet

Exceeded my expectations!!!
September 29, 2017

I needed to set up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands and got to work with Genesis Trust & Corporate Services and they were impressive. Fast, seamless and hassle-free service. I will definitely keep using their services.

by wanderlust25

Relieved and satisfied
September 25, 2017

I thought that setting up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands would be difficult but with Genesis Trust's help, we managed to set it all up in no time without any issues. Job well done!!! I'm definitely hiring them again in the future for my offshore needs.

by ilovemyschnorkie

Fast and Professional
August 23, 2017

I liked that they got my offshore company completed in less than 2 weeks. They were quick to work on everything and were prompt to respond to my queries.

by Soozben