Global Gold Inc.

Offshore Precious Metals   3 Reviews
Solid Offshore Gold Storage
November 08, 2016

Global Gold is a an excellent offshore metals broker and storage facility. Opening up the account was simple and easy and getting funds to them is easy as well. Purchasing and holding precious metals there is simple and streamlined. It's been a very positive experience thus far - you have to hand it to the Swiss!

by CowboySailor

Fantastic Metals Storage Company in Switzerland
February 20, 2016

These guys have excellent service. I opened an account to store metals in. The account opening was simple and straightforward and getting funds there was easy as well after the account was opened. The online interface is good as well. I plan to keep my metals stored there for many years to come.

by Early1

Received valuable information
February 17, 2016

When I decided to invest in precious metals I chose Global Gold Inc. They were rated one of the top precious metals companies.

by cheriedaniels