Hewlett Beck & Arad

Offshore Attorneys   3 Reviews
Professional team
July 12, 2017

Hewlett Beck & Arad was a good help to make me decide regarding the offshore business. They were good advisors and really helpful.

by TimeTubeChoice

Time wasted
January 06, 2017

This firm wasted no time in telling me that they could handle my case because they had more important things to handle. I wasted time filling out documentation that turned out to be unneeded.

by dutchff

Hewlett Beck & Arad, thanks for handling this
January 06, 2017

This establishment was on the opposite side when I had a case with a client, but I want to say that they handled everything very well and had us settle out of court. They were helpful and it would have been ugly if they hadn't taken certain steps. Thank you.

by Andrese