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8 Wang Hoi Road, Room 709, 7/F., Chevalier Commercial Centre, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nice service

89% February 28, 2019 by betamax

What I liked about this bank is that they always respond to my queries in a timely manner. Their team are also polite and helpful at all times.

One satisfied client!

91% February 25, 2019 by hibiscus5

It was easy to work and communicate with this bank. Their staff were friendly, polite and professional. Their online service as well is very reliable and I'm confident that my funds are in good hands and my online transfers are secured.

Great online offshore digital bank

97% January 11, 2019 by JParnish

Opened up an account at iAccount. I used Harbor Financial Services to help me set up an offshore company first and then we applied for an iAccount in the name of my offshore company. VERY quick and simple compared to a regular offshore bank. We applied on a tuesday and i got notified that the account was opened by that friday!! That's 3 days!!!! That's crazy fast compared to an offshore bank. And, the online interface is amazing. it's like using a super advanced paypal. So far so good.

Very Good Payment Services

100% November 30, 2018 by Early1

We have used i Account for a couple years now and all has gone very smoothly. i was initially skeptical about using an online only bank. But it's worked out very well. Payments go in and out very quickly and there fees are lower than any offshore bank we've ever used.